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Higher Education

Higher Education

Date: Oct 28 2007

Topic: Vocabulary

Author: gkisseberth


Here's some vocabulary terms relating to higher education. Add more if you know them or ask about others you're not sure about.



Higher Education


A. = Adjective   ADV. = Adverb   IDM. = Idiom   N.= Noun   V. = Verb


a college

 N. an educational institution similar to a university

a degree

 N. a title given by a university


 N. services or conveniences

a junior college

 N. an educational institution where students can begin their university education or complete two year programs

a major

N. the main field of study in which a student specializes

a minor

N. the secondary field of study in which a student specializes

to stand for

 V. to be the short form of, to represent, to mean


 N. specialized words or expressions used in a particular field, activity, job, science, etc.

to transfer

 V. 1) to move from one place to another said of people or things


N. Bachelor of Arts, a university-level degree in a humanities-related subject


N. Bachelor of Science, a university-level degree in a science-related subject


N. the graduate-level degree after a Bachelor and before a Ph.D. There are also different kinds of Masters, including M.A. (Master of Arts), M.S. (Master of Science), M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration), etc.


 N. Doctorate, highest graduate-level degree Although Ph.D. stands for Doctor of Philosophy, it is commonly used to refer to a doctorate in any field.



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United Kingdom

I like these phrasings or articulations. I wish I could spare them to my lessons however this inquiry or issue of moving up to wind up plainly a top notch part is an I moved on from a designing office Write my Coursework ; I am a mechanical specialist so how might i depict myself? Much obliged ahead of time.

07:08 AM Aug 18 2017 |



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12:37 AM Aug 18 2017 |



Russian Federation

 It is a very  informative schedule, and I like that some grammar examples are presented here as well.

01:54 PM Sep 19 2013 |




a good thing.THX

05:39 AM May 06 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Semester:one of the two period of academic year

It was nice thx

05:37 AM Jun 14 2012 |

julie bridget


hey,wats up you all.my obligation here is to know more/improve ma english so help me try.i’ll be grateful

10:14 AM Mar 03 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

thank you

10:26 PM Jul 17 2011 |



I like these terminologies or expressions. I wish I could save them to my lessons but this question or issue of upgrading to become a premium member is an Ahilles'heel.

08:12 AM Feb 13 2010 |




I graduated from an engineering department ; I am a mechanical engineer so how can i describe myself? Thanks in advance.

02:52 PM Jan 24 2010 |



United Arab Emirates

thank you very much

08:21 AM Dec 30 2009 |


United Arab Emirates

nice topic

07:54 AM Dec 20 2009 |




usefull !

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05:35 PM Nov 09 2009 |




thanks alot,

02:11 PM Oct 25 2009 |



useful .. thanks

11:15 PM Jul 10 2009 |



what a useful topic .. thanks much…show more like this =]

11:14 PM Jul 10 2009 |



Nice and easy.Well formulated.


06:30 AM Apr 03 2009 |




WoW Wonderfulllll…very goodd…

05:49 AM Jan 20 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it's brand new


01:34 AM Jul 31 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

thank you for the new informWink

05:35 AM Mar 31 2008 |

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